A Mermaid's Tail
Season: 1 Episode: 3
Total Episode Count: 3
First aired: September 29, 2010
Featuring: Brady, Boomer, Mikayla, Lanny, Mason Makoola
Also Appearing: Mermaids
Director: Andy Cadiff
Writers: Donald Beck
Plot: Brady and Boomer find mermaids, but do not know they are evil. The twins grant the mermaids the power to walk on two legs, but the mermaids take over the kingdom and turn Mikayla into a mermaid as well. Now it's up to Brady and Boomer to save the day and Mikayla.
Episode Guide
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Pair of Kings Season 1
#01 Return of the Kings #08 Revenge of the Mummy #15 Brady Battles Boo-Mer
#02 Beach Bully Bingo #09 Oh Brother, Where Arr Thou #16 The King and Eyes
#03 A Mermaid's Tail #10 No Kings Allowed #17 The Kings Beneath My Wings
#04 Where the Wild Kings Are #11 Pair of Jokers #18 Fight School
#05 Big Kings on Campus #12 Pair of Prom Kings #19 The Trouble With Doubles
#06 The Brady Hunch #13 Tone Deaf Jam #20 Journey to the Center of Mt. Spew
#07 Junga Ball #14 The Bite Stuff

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